PE Lessons / PPA Cover


As the years have passed, the delivery of Physical Education sessions within Primary Schools has become a major part of Teamthemes development as a company. We have built a local reputation through years of providing this service, with excellent customer satisfaction. Currently Teamtheme deliver PE in over 20 schools stretching from schools based in Manchester, to Morecombe and Heysham and have steadily and consistently increased our client base over the past 15 years. 

Teamtheme and their experienced team of coaches strive to provide a high-quality standard of PE, through the delivery of unique sessions for both KS1 and KS2. Our aims and outcomes for the children correlate directly with those stated within the Lancashire Scheme of Work. We feel it is imperative that the correct balance of education and fun is needed within each session.

We provide this through our carefully developed lesson plans and our extremely enthusiastic coaches. The correct concoction ensures that the children can learn various skills and concepts within a safe and fun environment. Studies have stated that injecting fun and increasing educational standards within a PE setting will not only increase desire to participate in PE, but also increase participation outside of the schools day. 

Our Key Stage 1 content centres mainly on developing fundamental movement skills, both gross and fine. Mastering basic movements such as running, throwing, jumping is paramount whilst also enhancing agility, stamina, co-ordination and balance. We aim to provide the correct amount of competitive situations as well as building confidence through working as part of a team. 
Our Key stage 2 content allows the children to develop a broader range of skills and concepts. Isolating movements and techniques before combining with concepts such as attacking and defending space is hugely beneficial.

We aim to give children more opportunities to engage in competitive situations, both against others and with themselves through the use of ‘personal bests’. Our coaches also endeavour to improve levels of physical fitness, including aspects such as strength, aerobic/anaerobic capacity, flexibility, speed and agility. 

Most importantly our coaches are committed to the holistic development of the children they work with on a day to day basis. We feel the physical and social benefits given through the provision of quality PE are substantial and clear to see.