Teamtheme are the ONLY authorised coaching body to be affiliated and authorised by the UKDBA in delivering coaching sessions within our nation’s schools. Dodgeball is a unique sport that can involve absolutely everyone, be them boys, girls, fit, unfit, sporty or academic. It really is a sport that promotes involvement and creates inclusion whilst also being a ton of fun too!

Over the years, we have developed and designed 10 variations to the ‘normal’ game of Dodgeball. Each ‘spin off’ or variation to the game can be run separately as a standalone course, essentially giving your children 10 different and unique courses to participate on.

As a twist and an addition to this course, we sometimes provide all the children enrolled with a plain white t-shirt or headband bandana so they can design their own Dodgeball shirt uniform with their favourite colours, designs, team name and their own choice of number and name or nickname on the back! So, not only do the children have bags of fun playing the game but we’re trying to encourage them to be creative, imaginative and arty too!